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How to Change the Order of an Autoreponders Messages

If you need to change the series position order of a message in an autoresponder, follow these steps.

Click on either “List Domains” in the “Domains” sub menu or “List Groups” in the “Groups” sub menu.

When the list of domains or groups displays, locate the domain or group you would like to view the autoresponder messages for.

Click on the “AR Messages” button for the domain or group.

When the list of autoresponder messages displays, you will see a button named “Change Message Order” near the top of the page. Click on that button.

Once the page loads, you will see a list of messages in the autoresponder in series order. Use the move buttons beside the message you would like to move.

Here is a list of the various move buttons.

Moves the message to the top.

Moves the message up one position.

Moves the message down one position.

Moves the message to the bottom.

Clicking this button opens a dialog box that let’s you select the position you would like to move the message to. Select the position using the dropdown and then click on Move Message. The page will refresh with the message in the new position.

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