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How to Create an Autoresponder

You can add an autoresponder to a domain or group. Just follow these instructions.

Click on either “List Domains” in the “Domains” sub menu or “List Groups” in the “Groups” sub menu.

When the list of domains or groups displays, locate the domain or group you would like to add an autoresponder to.

First we must tell the domain or group that it will have an autoresponder. Click on the domain or group name like you are going to edit it.

When the edit domain or group page loads, you will need to set the following fields.

Autoresponder Information

Activate Autoresponder?:
This field controls if the autoresponder is active or not. I would recommend setting this field to “No” for now. Once you add the messages to the autoresponder and are ready for it to go live, then come back and set this field to “Yes.”

Don’t forget to come back and set this field to “Yes.” It will not send out any messages until you do.

Autoresponder Type:
Select the type of autoresponder you want to use with this domain or group.

Sending Frequency:
Autoresponder messages are sent out at predetermined intervals. Each message can be sent out at selected number of days since someone subscribed or at a set number of days between messages.

Set this field to 0 if you want to define the sending intervals with each message. If you want to send all messages a set number of days apart, enter the number of days in this field.

If using a random autoresponder, this field must be set to a value greater than 0.

Don’t forget to click the “Update” button to save your changes. Once you have saved your changes, go to the next section in this manual that covers how to add your messages to the autoresponder.

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