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How to Add a New Domain

Push Boss Pro™ lets you add as many domains as you want. Simply fill out the required and any needed optional fields and then click on the Save button to add the new domain.

To add a new domain click on “Add New Domain” in the “Domains” sub menu. This will bring you to the add new domain page.

Please note that not all fields are required. Just fill in the fields that you need, for the domain to perform in the manner you desire.

The only required fields are: Domain name and Domain Status. All other fields are optional.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any domain added to Push Boss Pro™ must be using HTTPS and have a valid SSL certificate installed. Push messaging is not supported by browsers on non HTTPS websites.

Here is a list of the available fields and their uses when adding a new domain.

New Domain Details

Domain Name:
Enter the domain name you want to add.

Default URL:
This URL is used as the destination URL for any messages that are sent from this domain that do not have a URL entered when creating a message.

Default Icon URL:
If you do not enter a URL to an icon image when creating a message, if this field contains a URL, this icon image will be used.

Domain Status:
This field determines if this domain is active or suspended. A suspended domain does not send messages. A domain must be set to active to function.

Autoresponder Information

Activate Autoresponder?:
If you want this domain to have an autoresponder associated with it, set this field to Yes. Otherwise set this field to No to not use an autoresponder with this domain.

Autoresponder Type:
Use this field to set the type of autoresponder you want to use with this domain. This field is ignored if Activate Autoresponder is set to No.

See the manual section on autoresponders for a description of each type of autoresponder available.

Sending Frequency (0 = Use message settings):
Autoresponder messages are sent out at predetermined intervals. Each message can be sent out at selected number of days since someone subscribed or at a set number of days between messages.

Set this field to 0 if you want to define the sending intervals with each message. If you want to send all messages a set number of days apart, enter the number of days in this field.

If using a random autoresponder, this field must be set to a value greater than 0.

See the manual section on autoresponders for more details on sending frequency.

Once you have filled out the desired fields, don’t forget to click on the “Save” button to add the new domain to Push Boss Pro™.

Now that you have added a new domain, you will need to create and upload a few files to the domain you just added. The next section in this manual covers how to complete the process of adding a domain to Push Boss Pro™.

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