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Cron Status

To view the current cron status, click on “Cron Status” in the “Admin” sub menu. A page containing the current cron job status for the various cron jobs will be displayed.

Each cron job will show the date and time it last ran, if it is currently running and if it has been manually locked.

The following cron lock commands are available for you to use as needed.

Release System Locks:
Click this button after addressing any error conditions to release a system lock and have the cron jobs start processing and sending messages again.

If you have not fixed the condition that caused the system lock, the cron job will apply a system lock again.

Manually Lock Cron:
If you need to stop the cron jobs from processing and sending messages, you can click this butt. It will manually lock all cron jobs.

Release Manual Cron Locks:
If you had to manually lock the cron jobs, you can release the manual lock by clicking this button. All cron jobs will start processing and sending messages again.

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