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Viewing Que Errors

To display a list of all que errors in Push Boss Pro™, click on “Que Errors” in the “Admin” sub menu.

You can use the search box to locate a specific error or group of errors if needed. You can also sort on each column by clicking on the header cell of the column. You can reverse the order by clicking on the header cell a second time.

The displayed table shows the following information.

Message Title:
The title of the message that caused an error.

The message error status.

Status Reason:
The reason that this message has caused an error condition to occur.

Clicking this button will delete this error from the que errors log.

If you need to clear all que errors, you can click on the “Clear All Que Errors” button near the top of the page.

Remember to restart the cron jobs if they are currently locked. You do this from the cron status page.

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