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Managing Database Size

To keep everything running fast, the first thing you need to do is manage your database properly. You need to keep it as small as possible. Database bloat is a major cause of stats pages, lists etc., to start loading slower and slower.

It takes a lot of database calls and calculations to generate a stats page or list that contains stats or counts. The more records in the database the script has to go through, the longer it takes.

If you don’t manage your database properly, you will find that you have to keep moving to a larger and more expensive server to keep things running fast. It’s a lot easier on the wallet and bank account to just manage your database properly and consistently.

You should be doing the following on a regular basis.

1. Delete all domains and groups that are no longer being used.

2. Delete all sent messages you no longer need statistics for.

3. Purge all old stats from the database.

If you need the data from any message, domain, group or autoresponder message, export it before deleting it. Do not make the mistake of using Push Boss Pro™ as a place to store old data. Doing that will only make things get slower and slower.

You can view the various data table sizes in the database by accessing the “Database Metrics” page. It can be accessed through the “Help” menu. The Database metrics page will display a list of all tables as well as the current number of records contained in each.

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