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Other Considerations

Here are some other ways to keep speed up on “smaller servers.” These should be common sense as a server can only process so much data and handle so much traffic.

Do not try to access stats while you are driving large amounts of traffic through message broadcasting. Trying to access stats during heavy traffic can cause message click redirects to slow down. So just wait for the heavy traffic to subside before viewing stats.

If your server can handle large amounts of traffic and accessing stats at the same time, by all means go for it. If a server is configured correctly, you should be able to access multiple stats pages simultaneously at the same time heavy traffic is being processed by your server.

Don’t try to push more traffic through message broadcasts than your server can handle. Database scripts take a lot more computer resources than website pages. Just because your website can handle 10,000 visitors an hour, does not mean a database heavy script can handle that much traffic.

If you find that your message clicks are timing out or taking a long time to complete a redirect, you are pushing more traffic through them than you server can handle and process. The more traffic you need to push, the larger the server you will need to run Push Boss Pro™ on successfully.

Just use common sense. Don’t try to make a small server act like a big one. It just won’t work.

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